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Items list

ID Item name Description
43 Firegun of Sol No description
44 Token Pistol No description
45 Gattling Firegun No description
46 Cabal Voucher Find Bingo at Argent City for your Cabal activation code
49 Falchion Knife sharpened on both sides. Useful for cutting and slicing for amateur sailors
50 Long Falchion Long knife useful for combat
51 Katana Knife used for close combat
52 Tulwar Curved and swift knife
53 Crystal Falchion Blade that glows when evil draws near. Giving its owner a source of strength
54 Phantom Falchion A legendary mystic weapon which can only be wielded by great sailors
55 Nefarious Falchion Excavated from the Devil's Lair, this weapon emits an evil aura
61 Plaster Gloves Cheap plaster gloves that are good for amateur sailors
62 Brawler Gloves Fighter gloves
63 Master Gloves Fighter gloves for the professionals
64 Jagged Blade A trademark weapon for high-level sailors
65 Cosmo Blade Sailors blade that is able to cut everything
66 Tiger Gloves No description
67 Hands of Death People who had seen this evil weapon no longer lives on this Earth
73 Dagger Short dagger for self defense
74 Kris Dagger that all famous sailors have used before

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