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Items list

ID Item name Description
21 Charging Sword No description
22 Crescent Sword No description
23 Delusion Sword No description
24 Chest of Cabal Pirate King Online event chest. For top 100 players to reach Lv 60 in the shortest time.
25 Short Bow Short-ranged bow
26 Long Bow Long-ranged bow
27 Tribal Bow Long-ranged bow made from animal parts. Small and easy to carry
28 Meteor Bow Bow that fires arrows like meteors and comets
29 Recca Bow Bow taken from the burning hell
30 Bow of Dawn One of the 2 bows made by an ancient hero. Bow of Dawn and Bow of Dusk
31 Bow of Dusk One of the 2 bows made by an ancient hero. Bow of Dawn and Bow of Dusk.
32 Hunter Bow No description
33 Battle Bow No description
34 Marksman Bow No description
37 Firegun Very portable firegun
38 Fire-Rifle Standard firegun used. However, speed of firing is slow
39 Exquisite Pistol Intricately designed gun with immense value
40 Exquisite Rifle No description
41 Laser Gun No description
42 Venom Gun Origins unknown. Rumored to be able to fire bullets with poison

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