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Update Update News Thursday - October 7


- Changed Classes Balance
- PK Maps Rewards Changed
- Gems/Repu Exchanges NPC(2193,2730 Argent City)
- Kal For Gems NPC Edited (905,3515 Shaitan City)
- Naval Base Passwords Drop Fixed
- Sea Drops Fixed
- Champion Primal Fixed
- Lv85 Sets Exchange NPC Added (2249,2785 Argent City)
- Gems Slot Forge Fixed
- Guild EXP From Bosses Increased
- Azrael Gems Stackable Added
- Invisible Hat Apparel Fixed
- Black Dragon Lair Tele Fixed
- Arena Island Exchanges NPC Edited (Upgrade For Ar DeathSoul Mask - Shaitan City 912,3563)
- Bosses HP Nerfed / Drops Random Gems Added
- Weighting Potion Exchange Added (2193,2730 Argent City)
- Demonic World 1-2 Mobs 2K Repu Per Kill Added (Mobs Respawn Every 45 Sec)
- Demonic World 1-2 Chests Respawn Added (Every 25 Minutes)
- Demonic World 1-2 Bosses Guild EXP 2500x Added
- Random Gems Notice Chest Removed
- Lv95 Set/Weapons Exchanges NPC Added (Icicle City 1359,539)
- Bosses Respawn Point Fixed (Insta Respawn)
- Compressed Energy Items Added


- 60 FPS Mode Added
- Mobs Drop Info Added
- Lock/Unlock Item Fixed
- Unseal Gear Set Added (More Details In Soon)
  • Oct 7, 2021
  • By UPO

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